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    Why choose Beaux Hair Extension ?

    ✓ The easiest way to get longer, thicker hair in minutes right at home
    ✓ Can be washed, heat styled and dyed like your own hair
    ✓ Made from straight 100% Remy human hair
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    Beaux Hair Transformation

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    Clip-In Hair Extensions in Delhi


    “I wanted to give courage and hope to women undergoing chemotherapy by providing them with quality wigs and extensions."

    For two years, Nishtha did thorough research on the market.

    "I found that synthetic hair products abounded and there was no one in the market providing wigs and extensions made of 100 percent human hair. When I was in London, I had seen brands doing this business; they were very popular. But, in India, I couldn’t see that anywhere"
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    Lovely Hair Coverage
    Thankyou Beaux. I feel so confident to go out now. This topper helped me cover my entire bald scalp. God Bless Beaux.

    Aarti M
    Monofilament Topper

    Best Buy For Engagement
    Bought a set of 10 clip on extensions from Beaux and it changed my whole lug
    giving me the most desirable length and volume

    Sapna Chaudary
    10 Set Clip-in

    Most Comfortable Wig Ever
    Thank you so much, beaux. This wig is so much better than my previous one and the hair quality is superb.

    Snigdha Jaiswal
    Human Hair Wig

    So Happy
    Thanks for the bangs and quick delivery within a day. I love the bangs so much.

    Dr Himanshi
    Beaux Clip in Bangs

    Nice Hair

    Thanks for the promp delivery and customizing the same way i wanted it. Love the Beaux volumizer.

    Simmi M
    Volumizer 3 Set

    Great Length For Hair

    I have always dreamt of long hair since childhood. I am so happy that I got to know about Beaux.

    Sana Jain
    7 Set Clip-in

    Great Topper

    I am so happy my hair looks now. Changed my complete look.


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    At beaux , you receive all your products packed in a box with a travelling pouch to store them . Just consider them as if it’s your own hair and they could be washed easily with shampoo and conditioner as well.

    Trust us when we say this , beaux hair extensions really are the best, and we do have a lot of experience in this industry. We have always sourced the best quality remy hair for all our products . We offer the convenience of a DIY application and even it only takes a minute to apply, and seconds to remove .Completely made up of 100% Indian human hair.

    Yes , we deliver worldwide within 5-6 working days . Also have the option of express delivery available with us and same day delivery in Delhi ( NCR ) in India.