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Salt and Pepper Topper

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Our 4*4 monofilament grey hair topper is perfect for women looking to cover their bald patches or hair thinning. This is approx 30-45 grams in weight and comes with 4 clips attached to the topper .

For color customizations and alterations you can always drop a mail to our customer service or
reach us on WhatsApp at 7878664836
This is made up of 100% human hair so it can be washed, recolored also.

For many women with grey hair who are seeking hair replacement, it can be difficult finding a high quality solution and a permanent hair coverage option . Grey hair has very unique undertones and pigments that can be hard to replicate. Even with professional hair coloring products and tools, it is hard to achieve or duplicate someone’s natural grey pigments but at beaux, we can make human hair toppers that would exactly match their own hair and would look
so natural.

Shipping Timeline 

Dispatches in 6-8 Days!



Step 1 : Take your hair toppers out from beaux hair box.

Step 2 : Brush your topper and open the clips.

Step 3 : Place the clips on your middle or side parting as you like and close them.

Step 4 : Comb your hair and yes your hair thinning is covered within seconds.


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